So what are your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions? Whatever they are, have you started yet?  How many days has it been?  What are the chances you are actually going to do them?

Going from my own experience, I’m going to step out on a limb and say “that’s what I thought…”

Then it dawned on me, maybe the reason we can’t keep some of these resolutions is because we haven’t figured out what we will do differently.  How do we:

– plan to get them done

– remove the “blockages” that get in our way

If our goal is something that comes easy to us, we typically don’t need a New Year’s Resolution to accomplish it. But when it is something that doesn’t come so naturally to us or that we haven’t been as successful about before, of course it is not going to just happen because we “Proclaim It Will!!”

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When I thought back on my past “accomplished” and “abandoned” resolutions I realized something – it wasn’t the planning that typically got in my way, it was my blockage!



For Example:

Resolution:  Going to the Gym to get Regular, Year-Round Exercise

Planning: Go in the morning; replace former morning walk with gym.

Blockage: Getting myself to step inside a gym!  Not having ever exercised in a gym before I was intimidated by the setting, unsure how to use the machines or what exercises to do, and “felt stupid” about letting this get in my way!

Solution: My husband gave me a gift certificate for 10 trainer sessions for Christmas.  Going into the gym and meeting up with someone who would show me the ropes for an extended period of time took away the fear and was all I needed to unblock my success.

Result: 6 years later still faithfully going to the gym 3x/week.


Resolution: Stop Using Plastic Bags at the Grocery Store

Planning: Have reusable bags/crates in the trunk of my car.

Blockage: I just couldn’t seem to take in the reusable bags from my trunk…ever (even if I did remember).  So yes, that was the excuse that covered up my blockage of not wanting to make the baggers’ job more difficult, the cumbersomeness of packing in those bags, not having enough bags to fit the groceries, and the list goes on…

Solution:   Ask the bagger to load my groceries back into my cart without bags (grocery warehouse style) so I can just pack them in the canvas crates in my trunk when I get to the car.

Result: Now I know this might not be everyone’s ideal solution, but it worked for me – 6 months out and 95% bag free!

…..and then I got thinking if it’s the blockages that get in the way of accomplishing our personal resolutions or goals, does this apply to organizations as well?


What if companies applied this theory to their 2016 goals and objectives?

If they got together to identify “the blockages” preventing them from meeting their goals, could they develop some simple, creative solutions around them?

Would this help them meet revenue goals, develop more innovative products and/or build a stronger customer base?

Here’s to a tremendously successful and “blockage-free” 2016!


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