The first place I would look is at the company goals.

Pointing FingersI once read a study that concluded “the number one reason companies don’t achieve their goals and objectives is because employees don’t understand the expectations.” 

In my experience this can definitely be true.

Some of the culprits I have seen are:

  1. There are no specific organizational goals communicated.
  2. The goal is stated at a very strategic level, but never cascaded down in a more detailed manner for implementation.
  3. The goals are initiated at the separate business unit levels, not collectively at the top, resulting in conflicting agendas or duplication of efforts.
  4. Goals are siloed by department – sales is responsible for sales, finance for finance – but not looked at cross-functionally, again resulting in conflicting agendas.

Unfortunately these common roadblocks can derail your overall success:

Unless goals are specifically discussed and planned throughout all levels, it is very unlikely that they will, or can be, successfully executed and achieved.

My advice – take the time up front as a leadership team to talk about each goal and what will be needed from every functional area in order to achieve results.  Then continue that discussion down throughout the organization adding additional layers of details as you go.  The time spent will be paid back many times over in greater productivity, accountability and results!

One Response to “Want more Accountability in Your Workplace?”

  1. Yelnick McWahwah

    I am so blessed to work for a company that communicates our company goals and culture on day 1 of our employees careers. perhaps that is part of the 97.4 % retention rate we are experiencing…


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