Corporate Mindfulness

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Being Mindful is not about “meditation” or “being calm” although certainly those are tools; instead being mindful “helps us be aware of what is happening to ourselves right now” – paying attention to our lives in increments of moments and Dr. Jeremy Hunter of the Drucker School of Management has seen the powerful impact using these practices in your company can have.


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What does Authenticity mean to you? Do you have it? Here are three resources I’ve used to understand, discover and evolve my own Authenticity.

Doing Things with Intention

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I recently worked with someone who used the phrase “doing things with intention” and it really struck me. Have you thought about the power of intention? As one expert notes, talking is great, but acting with intention is what really creates alignment in your life.

Culture Matters! Are You Thinking About It?

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There are no right or wrong corporate cultures – and no two cultures will ever be the same, but the truth is culture impacts your business in every possible way, from the types of employees you attract and retain, to the decisions that you make, the customers that you work with and the ability of your business to be successful. Have you been thinking about your Company’s Culture lately?

What’s your 2015 Leadership Resolution?

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New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rap each year – there is always more hype on how we don’t keep our resolutions, rather than how we can. However, I do like to take some time to ponder resolutions, precisely for that reason – it forces me to take the time out to reflect and it’s always enlightening to see what raises to the top. Have you set any Leadership Resolutions this year?

Giving Thanks

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When is the last time you REALLY gave thanks to someone – I don’t just mean saying the words with a heartfelt smile – I mean really laid it on thick and let them know why you are so appreciative both at home or on the job?

Having Fun at Work? Why it is important!

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It’s amazing what a little dose of fun can do for your workplace – even your least favorite tasks can be attacked with gusto if there is even just a little bit of play involved, and the results impact everything from your talent management, your customer relations, to your bottom line. Is having FUN at work important to you and your company?