Have You Been “Meetnaped” Lately?

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Have you ever had worked in a company where you literally hopped from meeting to meeting all day – one right after another? I certainly have seen it happen – kidnaped or not. The biggest problems with this meeting mania is it doesn’t leave any time to 1) get any actual work done, and 2) more importantly, THINK! Why can’t we solve this dilemma?

Create Successful Employees Through Self-Fulfilling Prophecies!

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Do you believe you can create successful employees thought self-fulfilling prophesies? I do and both this article in the Harvard Business Review and that 1960’s study in a San Francisco elementary school seem to point that way as well. Read on to hear how easier graders on performance reviews and biased expectations fostered success.

15 Creative, Meaningful Ways to Say Thanks on the Job

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Have you ever received a gift or had a colleague or boss say thanks in such an unique, personal way that 15 years later you still remember it? Below are some creative meaningful ways to say thanks to someone who makes a difference on the job (or at home), along with a few reminders.

Giving Thanks

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When is the last time you REALLY gave thanks to someone – I don’t just mean saying the words with a heartfelt smile – I mean really laid it on thick and let them know why you are so appreciative both at home or on the job?