Create Successful Employees Through Self-Fulfilling Prophecies!

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Do you believe you can create successful employees thought self-fulfilling prophesies? I do and both this article in the Harvard Business Review and that 1960’s study in a San Francisco elementary school seem to point that way as well. Read on to hear how easier graders on performance reviews and biased expectations fostered success.

15 Creative, Meaningful Ways to Say Thanks on the Job

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Have you ever received a gift or had a colleague or boss say thanks in such an unique, personal way that 15 years later you still remember it? Below are some creative meaningful ways to say thanks to someone who makes a difference on the job (or at home), along with a few reminders.

Having Fun at Work? Why it is important!

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It’s amazing what a little dose of fun can do for your workplace – even your least favorite tasks can be attacked with gusto if there is even just a little bit of play involved, and the results impact everything from your talent management, your customer relations, to your bottom line. Is having FUN at work important to you and your company?

Five Things That Stall Your Company’s Progress

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Have you ever felt that things would just stop in their tracks if you weren’t there pushing the next steps? Or that when you try to ignite some discussion and debate in a meeting, you’re the only one speaking up? Or even if you do get some discussion going, there is no follow-up after the meeting? You are not alone – I see this happen in many companies, especially as they grow.