Out With the Old – In With the New!

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Starting a New Year feels like a new beginning to many of us – a time when we can wipe the slate clean and start anew. Here’s an Ecuadorian New Year’s tradition to get your company’s 2016 started right!

Corporate Mindfulness

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Being Mindful is not about “meditation” or “being calm” although certainly those are tools; instead being mindful “helps us be aware of what is happening to ourselves right now” – paying attention to our lives in increments of moments and Dr. Jeremy Hunter of the Drucker School of Management has seen the powerful impact using these practices in your company can have.


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What does Authenticity mean to you? Do you have it? Here are three resources I’ve used to understand, discover and evolve my own Authenticity.

Five Things That Stall Your Company’s Progress

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Have you ever felt that things would just stop in their tracks if you weren’t there pushing the next steps? Or that when you try to ignite some discussion and debate in a meeting, you’re the only one speaking up? Or even if you do get some discussion going, there is no follow-up after the meeting? You are not alone – I see this happen in many companies, especially as they grow.