What’s Blocking Your 2016?

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When I looked at my past success, or not, of reaching my New Year’s Resolutions, I discovered an interesting trend, and I’m pretty certain it happens in Corporations as well.

Why They Don’t Speak Up

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Even though you buy-in to employee involvement, what can you do if they won’t speak up? It could actually be as simple as letting employees know their input really is desired! Here are my thoughts on why employees may not speak up and recommendations on how to ensure they do!

Doing Things with Intention

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I recently worked with someone who used the phrase “doing things with intention” and it really struck me. Have you thought about the power of intention? As one expert notes, talking is great, but acting with intention is what really creates alignment in your life.

Looking for Change in All the Wrong Places

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Some of my best leadership learning’s have come from my parenting experiences and this is a prime example. Although this happened years ago, it is something that resonates with me regularly be it working with clients or in my own every day life, and if you’re serious about progress, this simple concept cannot be overlooked!

What’s your 2015 Leadership Resolution?

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New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rap each year – there is always more hype on how we don’t keep our resolutions, rather than how we can. However, I do like to take some time to ponder resolutions, precisely for that reason – it forces me to take the time out to reflect and it’s always enlightening to see what raises to the top. Have you set any Leadership Resolutions this year?