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Company Type:

  • The company had grown steadily, but the internal operations had not changed much
  • Now with customers at a critical mass, the organization could not keep up with demand and things were falling through the cracks
  • In addition, when employees were noticing potential mistakes, they were not speaking up so as not to be the messenger of bad news, leading to incorrect customer products, services and recalled sales
PPS worked on:

  • Bringing awareness and creating a different behavior to the “shoot the messenger” reaction when an employee spoke up
  • Tracing back to the root cause to why the mistakes were happening in the first place and helping the manager learn how to delegate so all the work did not bottleneck with them
  • Creating a company tagline for the company to facilitate behavior change (i.e. If it doesn’t look right, speak up!)
  • Developing a rewards and recognition practice around this new behavior to facilitate change
  • Traced the issues back to the root causes
  • Offered and supported actions to change the outcomes
  • Created a roadmap for implementation including communication strategy and the reinforcement for the new behaviors
Company Type:
Entertainment / Recreation
The company was experiencing high growth and had tremendous opportunity, however wasn’t able to attract the right types of people for the jobs
PPS worked on:
Recruitment as sales – In order to attract the right candidates, you have to clearly present the opportunity and company, ensure the right “price,” target the right market and get the word out to them. After conducting due diligence,  PPS presented a full spectrum strategy of immediate, short-term and long-term approaches that would attract the right type of candidates and increase the volume of candidates by:

  • Creating awareness in the marketplace of the company as a great employer as well as a great fitness company
  • Combining its recruitment efforts with the overall  marketing of the company
  • Proactively soliciting and promoting the positive feedback from both customers and employees
  • Highlighting the fast growth, entrepreneurial  career opportunities that the company offered
  • Exploring various avenues of recruitment beyond just on-line posting
By the time the work was done, the company had a well-rounded recruitment strategy that intertwined their marketing, product and recruitment practices into one overall strategy that will bring them multiple benefits over the long term.


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