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Company Type:
Hi-Tech; Approximately 50 employees.

  • Goals had been set each year primarily around financial results
  • Accountability for meeting these goals fell primarily on sales although sales needed support
  • When goals were not met, there was no follow-up, so accountability was a challenge
  • As a result, the company stayed at the same level year after year
PPS introduced the importance of planning as a company hits a particular stage, and the CEO engaged us to help the primary business unit consolidate their goals from a strategic viewpoint and engage all the employees in a comprehensive planning process.
This involved:

  • Working with division head to determine the goals and measurement for success
  • Providing a structure to capture the goals, individual tasks and due dates
  • Working with first-line management and then all employees to introduce the process and cascade the goals into weekly due dates

  • Engaged cross functional teams outside of the immediate business unit to collaborate
  • Clarified, aligned and engaged the employees in the process
  • Energized employees with a sense of purpose and to meet the goals
  • Created organizational commitment to meeting the goals
  • Goal attainment

This project was later followed up with competency assessment, performance management and training to further incorporate planning, accountability and cross functional teamwork into the culture.


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