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Company Type: Manufacturing; Approximately 200 employees; new management in place.
Challenge: The company was…

  • Hitting a milestone in its development
  • Experiencing a good market response to its products
  • Receiving funding in order to grow
  • Embarking on the next stage of growth

Things were changing fast, but management didn’t have the luxury of time to sit back and really assess how it was going from the big picture and from the employees’ point of view.

They knew what their organizational goals were, but they didn’t know what the internal roadblocks to meeting these goals might be.

PPS was hired to conduct an organizational assessment to gather the needed feedback.

Process: An organizational assessment was developed to collect information from a sampling of all employees from Senior Management to factory workers.

  • Questions were strategically designed around the type of information desired
  • Confidential 1:1 interviews were conducted in English and Spanish based on the employee preference
  • The information received was analyzed, trends identified to provide a snapshot of where the organization was at that particular point in time
  • A comprehensive report was presented to the leadership outlining the top concerns of the employees and where the organization needed to spend time building their internal organizational strength
Results: In a few weeks’ time the company received a comprehensive update on:

  • Employee alignment to the organization
  • The roadblocks to getting work done at all levels
  • The top action items from a strategic, operational and “low-hanging fruit”

The benefits of this information:

  • TIME – The leadership team received the data quickly and was able to concentrate on the strategy
  • The information was collected by an objective 3rd party without preconceived conclusions
  • Management time investment: 4 hours


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