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Company Type:
Finance; Approximately 150 employees
The management team had been working together for a while, but the president wanted to work together more cohesively as a team.
At that point:

  • Interactions were heavily influenced by history and personality rather than the business at hand
  • Responsibilities and viewpoints were primarily “function focused” (siloed), rather than organizationally focused
  • Employee feedback indicated that different departments received different communication, rules, and priorities based on the senior manager
Over a period of time PPS walked through a team development process which included:

  • A style assessment tool and workshop where senior managers explored and gained insight and awareness of each other’s styles and how they viewed, interpreted and dealt with things differently
  • This awareness was used to develop more effective ways to interact with each other from meetings to information exchange to analysis
  • Once this basis had been established it was applied to the company priorities which focused everyone on their roles in these key critical areas, beyond their functional responsibilities so they could work more cohesively as a team

  • Relationships were strengthened and differences were viewed more favorably
  • The management focused on organizational success rather than success/failure of a particular functional area
  • These relationships extended down throughout the organization increasing cross functional cooperation

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