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I’ve been doing some interviewing lately, and one really key thing great candidates (of all generations) say they are looking for in a new job is IMPACT.” 

I think that is hugely important because these employees are seeking companies where they can be engaged and make a difference – and that’s the type of employee I would want to hire!

Does your company provide the type of environment where they will find the impact they are looking for?



Here are some of the ways they ask about the impact in the job:


  • “Whose table will I be sitting at?”

    • Who are the people I will be interacting with to achieve the goals?

    • What types of decisions do they have input into?


  • “How are new ideas viewed and received?”

    • Is the organization receptive to hearing new ideas and thoughts? 

    • What are some examples of new ideas that were adopted and implemented?


  • “If I have an idea or thought on a topic that is not directly, but is indirectly related to my role, is that welcomed?”

    • Are you a cross-functional organization that works together to achieve goals?


  • “How are decisions made?”

    • How does the company ensure it is making informed decisions? 

    • How is decision making authority delegated throughout the company?  



Does this sound like the type of employee you would like to attract?


If so, is your company providing “impact” to employees?


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