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Achievement is “not doing everything, just the right things;”


Accountability is “knowing what the right things are and working collaboratively to accomplish them.”



Think about it – when we talk about employee accountability we expect them to:

  1. have a full understanding of what, how and by when projects, tasks or responsibilities need to be done;
  2. commit and take ownership of assigned responsibilities and get them done effectively;
  3. work in conjunction with others to monitor progress and achieve the best results;
  4. speak up when they have an opinion or concern that impacts the work; and
  5. seek help proactively to resolve any issues that could impede success.


What employee would not want to have the ability to work:

  • on well-defined goals that they have a good understanding of;
  • in collaboration with others who share outcome responsibility;
  • under a system of support and milestone check-ins;
  • with encouragement to communicate all concerns and opinions, and;
  • where asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure, but a proactive step to keep the goals moving forward?


In order to have employee accountability it’s important that you have a company culture that supports it.

Do you?  The best way to find out is ask your employees!



One Response to “Many Employees Are Starved For Accountability – Are Yours?”

  1. Yelnick McWahwah

    Our employees receive empowerment on day one, with the full company expectation that there is accountability for that empowerment.


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