I love crafts – they are my creative outlet and so it is no surprise that when I saw this idea online, I immediately set out to make them.


3 jars




They are called “Amazing Things Jars” and for a full year you jot down all the amazing things that happen day-to-day and put the note inside the jar. 

I plan to open mine on December 31, 2016  and read them all.



And already they have been amazing. 

Here’s why:

  • It is so much better to give than to receive!

    • People have been so excited by this simple, up-lifting token of friendship and it has been one of my utmost joys to give them out!
  • It is amazing what you see when you really pay attention!

    • Customizing each jar really made me really focus on who I was giving it to, and the response has been “Wow, my jar is really me!”
  • My awareness of the positive has increased tremendously already!

    • After only two weeks my behavior has changed; now I am actively looking for the amazing, happy things to put in my jar!
  • People are talking about it!

    • The news is spreading about the power of looking for “The Amazing Things” that happen; the small things which we sometimes take for granted!

I may need to make some more jars!!




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