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In my experience there is nothing more dangerous than an out-of-sync culture.


You know, when we say we want achieve one thing, but then defeat all efforts with our actions.


Does this happen in your company? To be successful it’s so important to sync our actions with what we say we want to accomplish!


Here are ways to ensure you are “in sync” with these important organizational practices:


To create a performance-driven culture, set well-thought-out corporate goals.

Most companies want a performance-driven culture, but when we don’t take the time to set really meaningful corporate goals that link back to our strategy our performance can only be superficial at best. Engaging employees through strong corporate goals puts everyone in sync to work together!


To implement changes in the workplace, train the leadership team.

How many times do we implement new skills or processes by training our employees, but not the leadership team? Unfortunately, by not training leaders to reinforce and support the adoption of the new skills we are negatively impacting the organization’s ability to utilize them – a major culture mis-sync!


To have productive employees, instill dual responsibility.

Typically if employees are deemed unsuccessful, it is “their performance problem.” But what about the managers? Isn’t it the manager’s role to also ensure their employees are successful? Have they also done their part through feedback and development? Making performance a dual responsibility shares the ownership and increases success!


To really be a team, involve others in making decisions.

Cross-functional teamwork is a cultural trait that many companies aspire to, however it’s definitely a learned skill! How many times do we need to make changes to decision that isn’t completely informed because we forgot to consult the involved parties?


To empower our employees to take initiative, give them decision making power.

One of the most common ways we inhibit employee initiative is to limit or overrule their decisions. It doesn’t take to long for even the most proactive employees to either leave or stop trying if their efforts are always shut down. Giving decision making power involves setting authority levels and communication guidelines so you both feel comfortable – the benefits will be well worth it!


I think all of us can recognize where we are in-sync or not with these actions.

And that’s great – the first step is awareness;  the second step is recognizing when a sync is needed!


One Response to “Is Your Company In Sync?”

  1. Mr. Chris

    Your assessment of getting in sync is exactly how our Energy company has survived the turbulent swings in crude oil and refined product production, storage and transportation. In a current environment of energy companies, laying off personnel, restructuring their debt or outright locking the doors and tossing the keys, We are financially sound, building new pipelines, acquiring new assets and most importantly hiring new employees. Our companies code of Business conduct is so spot one with your suggestions. Excellent work Sue.


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