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Seriously, increase efficiency overnight by just incorporating these simple practices into your day-to-day routine!



  1. Debrief all projects immediately: This is one of the simplest things to do that we typically “don’t make time for.” Reviewing “What was our goal?” “Where did we succeed?” “How did we (or did we not) overcome obstacles?” “What should we do differently next time?” is what I would call a mandatory exercise for corporate effectiveness.

  2. Debunk the Myth that Unsuccessful = Failure: If a project is proving unfeasible, do you want to people to continue mindlessly on a sinking ship or do you want them to realistically assess the situation and move on?  If it’s the latter, then you must celebrate the decision to stop an “unsuccessful project” as a success, not a failure!

  3. Praise the Messenger: Not knowing damaging news before it is too late is hugely detrimental to your business; so why do companies still make it unsavory to deliver this valuable information? Publicly ask for constructive “bad news” and proudly “Praise the Messenger” who delivers it!

  4. Prepare Communication Talking Notes: Good news – your execs are communicating important information to their employees. Bad news – they could all be sending different messages. When you have important company information to communicate, consider putting together talking notes so the communication is accurate and consistent.

  5. Clearly Articulate Next Steps: I know – everyone knows this, but still it rarely happens. End every meeting with written follow-up items, due dates and person responsible; and, voila, there is your agenda for the next meeting!


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